Monday, June 20, 2011

Where do babies come from?

My mother's stepfather answered my question "Where do babies come from" with "A doctor puts them in the mommy's belly" when I was little. When I told my father about it, he seemed too upset and irritated over this, and said "From now on, ask me about everything you want to know".

The reaction seemed excessive for "I don't like it when others lie to my kids about the facts of life", which I thought was all there was to it.


  1. Yeah, as though your father was the most honest man in the world, anyway?

    Sounds like it was just a power trip for him, thus, the excess.

  2. Yep, perhaps your grandpa didn't lie after all. I am sure someone like NDad would be highly insulted by something like that being common knowledge in the family. Any chance your grandpa knew about this, or was he just answering a sensitive question in a slightly odd way?


  3. NLR, it does sound a bit like that right now. They were all living together, and it certainly would have been common knowledge at the time, but forbidden to utter.

    I've been told they were all afraid of him and obeyed him in every way. The few negative things that were said to me about him (about the spankings, told by my maternal grandma, and about him taking me away from my mother, told by her friend) were quick, whispering asides, spoken in a frightened tone of voice.


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