Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am "also an N. Fully and completely."

A comment on a post of mine jumped at me and shocked me.

"I have perused your site. You, my dear, are also an N. Fully and completely. Notice how you only talk about your own reaction to things. Not others, and whether they did what's right for them. Not even your own daughter. Only your reaction.

The good news is that everyone has some N qualities or we would just let the lions eat us, rather than killing them to protect our children and ourselves. It's a survival instinct to act in your own best interest.

However, healthy people form self interested groups, striving for a common goal, like a soccer team. They don't whine about how the other player scored the goal when they could have passed it to "me" so I could score. That the goal was scored is the objective. Something you don't see, making you an N too."

I am trying my very hardest to understand what this person is trying to tell me - especially in the context of the post which they commented on - but I'm failing miserably.

I guess I should have realized that my father using up all my young daughter's paint was good and right for him, and disliking it makes me narcissistic. I guess wishing to protect my daughter from the lion that is her grandfather was narcissistic. I guess writing about her sadness isn't her reaction, it's mine, and I was supposed to realize that a good thing happened there - a goal was scored. Or something. I really don't understand.