Saturday, May 7, 2011

The dangerous narcissist replied!

Today I got a cute little sms that said I'd get my money on Monday and offered the silliest excuse ever for why it's so late - the Post Office in Paris is being privatized and it's all very chaotic.

First, he's been sending me money via Western Union. He could have used any bank in the last several months. Second, it's always a different excuse and they don't work together. He pretended to have sent me some money 4 months ago and then forgot about it when I insisted we investigated what happened to the money. Third, owing someone money for months because the post office is in chaos right now? Give me a break!

I just find it hilarious. I'm completely relaxed about this now. I've made my stand - I'm not translating until I get paid - however implicitly and politely.

I'm pretty sure on Monday he'll think of a different excuse. If and when I do get paid, I'll start translating another portion. In my own time and with no pressure.

I only replied "All right. Regards."

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