Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dangerous Narcissist pays!

Believe it or not, yesterday I received as much as 80% of what the dangerous narcissistic author owes me AND I've extended the deadline!

I may have learned how to communicate with him and stand up for myself! Because of conditioning by my narcissistic father, I was afraid to even imply normal things like "I have other offers by people who will pay" and "I need money for my work because I work for money" and "If you want your work done more quickly, feel free to hire more people to do it".

I had a phone conversation with him after he sent the money and basically said these three things in a somewhat more polite manner, and he said nothing in return! I also interrupted his new silly excuse on why he hasn't sent ALL the money he owes me - I'm not interested in hearing any of it.

So, I'm hoping now this can actually work out. He knows that if he wants his book translated, he needs to pay; if he wants it translated quickly, he needs to pay regularly; and no amount of whining over the phone will change that fact. So he stopped even trying!

I'm getting better at this stuff!

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