Friday, April 1, 2011

It's a miracle! He's a new man!

My narcissistic father called me yesterday. He says he's been doing some serious soul-searching, and he realizes, on his own, that he has some deep issues that have led him to treat me and others less than kindly in his life.

He apologized, sincerely, for separating me from all the people in my life who might have truly loved me and giving me only fake, selfish love in return. He promised he'd try to lay his pride aside and never hurt anyone again.

He also says he's started therapy and that he would like me to meet his therapist in private and alert him to any areas that he needs to work on that he's unaware of. He doesn't want to be present at this session because he wants me to feel perfectly free to voice everything and anything that might have bothered me in my relationship with him.

We had an intimate, real conversation for the first time ever, and we truly connected. I think he's really, truly changed!

Yes, I know, you didn't buy it. Yes, I know, I didn't get you. Still, happy April Fools' day!

(And typing out this joke has really been therapeutic for me. I realized that this is what I need and want and this is what can only happen in an April Fools' Day joke.)

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