Monday, July 11, 2011

Not without her husband

My aunt only recently realized an astounding little fact.

She doesn't remember a single time when she saw her married sister - my mother - alone. Without her husband - my father.

He controlled her every movement and her every spoken word. Eery.


  1. Just found your blog and I can't stop reading! I can relate to so many things you've shared here! Like you, I have a Narcisistic father. The difference is that I also have a Narcissistic Mother and a Narcissistic Step-Mother. Nedless to say, I'm NC and I'm loving it! =D It took me a while to realize my father was N, after I came to know NPD. My mother was obvously N, but I thought my father was just an enabler. Now I know not only he's N, but a malignant one. He gaslighted me so much that I couldn't even see his abuses. Please, keep writing!

  2. Welcome, Deborah! Thank you for sharing. I understand this so well. My father's mother was an obvious N, but my father just overtly did the opposite of what she did, so he managed to fool everyone - including me. I was TOLD he might be N by a person on a forum who read ONE post I made!


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