Friday, September 30, 2011

And my direct superior is a psychopath!

Apparently. I'm slowly discovering a whole network of her seemingly unnecessary lies and attempted manipulations. All directed against me, for some reason. Weird stuff. I'll bore you with the details later.

I had worked with her for two years before and only noticed she wasn't very friendly, but was very ambitious and didn't seem to like our students very much. Now I have the knowledge to notice other stuff, and hopefully deal with some of it too. At least work on not taking it personally and not seeing it as a reflection of my actual work and worth.

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  1. One nice thing about my relationships with a Narc. It's not about me. It is all about them. The most I am to them is a prop or a hurdle. Either way my value and worth has nothing to do with that relationship. I do recommend learning to defend yourself since in their desperate need to be wonderful they will hurt whoever they need to. My counselor taught me to document everything. If my nasty boss talked to me in the hallway, I went to my office and shot him an email covering the conversation. Of course, it was to verify that I understood the hurried instructions. I became the queen of documentation. 3000 emails over a 6 month period kept me from getting fired. Hope what I learned from an unpleasant boss can help you.


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